happy feet


Obsessed with my shiny monk buckled shoes. It took two days of walking around campus and twice as many blisters to break them in, but now, now we're friends. I basically wear them every day. An effortless menswear-inspired dream. The heels click on the cold floor down quiet hallways but hey, I'm in college. In high school, I would have tried to quietly click down the hall in efforts to avoid sounding like a teacher. Forget about that. Own it. And everyone loves a good conversation-starting shoe.


sauna & swim


After sauna and swimming in Lake Superior at the camp all summer long (August, mostly), I'm having a hard time processing that the next time I do very well may be next summer. Lake Superior is a part of me, way deep down to my soul. It's a strange thing, but the lake changes with the seasons and feels totally different now than it did during summer. In autumn, it's bone-chilling, angry and wavy, distant, and even more dark and mysterious . . . thinking back on summer evenings, especially this particular one where the air and water temperatures aligned and I was a mermaid, finding my way back up the beach by moonlight.



five things

I love eating organic, whole foods, but there are days when I buy a donut and coffee before class because sometimes I just donut care about anything else.

There are clothes, scraps, twigs, and coffee cups strewn around my bedroom most of the time. No worries though - this means I've been creative, crafting, reading, writing, and drinking a beautiful amount of coffee.

Reading T. S. Eliot for Literature class. In my hammock, in the backyard, next to the lake. Even with a bald eagle perched in the tree above me for one moment. The first read through of a piece, I teared at his beautiful writing. Discovered this line that I have loved for so long, in its origin of a poem: I have measured out my life with coffee spoons. Note: I don't know why it took me so long to study like this. Homework in a hammock! It's genius!

Music, now playing: Ed Sheeran's album 'x' on repeat, loud, through headphones. Taylor Swift's three released songs, from her upcoming album '1989'. One Direction's "Steal My Girl" from their upcoming album 'Four'. Lolawolf (my soul music. more later). "Breakup in a Small Town" by Sam Hunt.

Some days I dress like a 90s kid, some days I love more bohemian. Other days I'm minimalist, others I'm outdoors/adventurous. It's fun though. My style is ever changing and evolving, with inspiration and experience. Although I'm sure my closet almost always feels confused, two things have not changed: comfort is key and dare to be different. Oh, and confidence is key.


good morning

The fresh smell of coffee soon wafted through the apartment, the smell that separates night from day. | Haruki Murakami


channeling rachel greene

One weekend I found myself watching the entire first season of Friends. Yes, I've watched the beloved 90s show before but mostly random late night reruns when the night owl in me takes over. Come January 1st I will definitely be on Netflix when all of the seasons are released (!!!!). Besides laughing out loud - I mean, truly laughing to myself for a long time - at every other line and wishing I lived in the West Village of NYC in the 90s, I wanted to wear their clothes.

Sure, I'd wear Chandler and Joey's old, faded t-shirts and sweatshirts and Phoebe's fabulously unmatched, hippie coats and dresses (ok I basically do already). Really though, I want Rachel's wardrobe. I want to channel my inner Rachel Greene. She loves fashion but is casual about it. She looks chic yet comfortable hanging around the apartment or serving coffee at Central Perk. Loving: lots of denim, flannels + wool socks, overalls + waist-tied jacket, sweaters + high-waist pants, and short dresses + loafers.

Honestly, my favorite shows and films take place in New York City. I'm obsessed. They're so dreamy. One day, New York.. until then, I'll be living through stories.


sunday drive

One Sunday afternoon with lattes in hand, Emily and I set off with no destination in particular. The beauty and curiosity of slow, small town roads led us from one stop to the next, conversation and good music filling the car. Those summer days seem ages ago but I remember them like yesterday.




1. A sunrise and 7 a.m. breakfast date at Suomi Restaurant with a good friend who was in town
2. This soft, thrifted shirt that I seem to wear a lot / a necklace found garage-saling, which was picked up in the Southwest U.S.
3. Good two-hour-long conversation in a parking lot, post birthday dinner for my sister
4. A card in a candy store that I still find myself smiling about
5. Fashion and styling inspiration for autumn is my favorite, hands down
6. Morning cup of coffee on the back porch, amongst the pine trees, at my family's home
7. Collaging and creating
8. Kayaking through Lake Superior

from sweet, sweet summertime. a few more visual love letters to come.